Hide specific WooCommerce categories on Shop page

Have you ever wanted to only show specific WooCommerce shop categories on you shops main page? We are going to show you how.

This little plugin that was recently uploaded to the wordpress repository is called Hide Categories on Shop Page

This plugin was based on another plugin called “WC Hide Categories On Shop Page”. But, this version lacked support and functionality and we don’t recommend downloading and installing it.

What does Hide Categories on Shop Page do?

Just like the name suggests, it allows you to Hide Categories on Shop Page. With that said, after you install it you need to make sure that you have show categories enable for your WooCommerce shop.


Then navigate to your shops settings: woocommerce > settings > products tab section and input which categories you wish to exclude, I.E. cat1, cat2, cat3



Save your settings and navigate to yourshop.com/shop

You should see your desired changes.

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