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How to remove the nagging Yoast license notification

If removing this license notification is a must then there are several ways you can go about doing this.

First, you must keep in mind of upgrading in the future. But, we will show you multiple ways to do so.

Option 1 - Not a good idea for upgradability as you will constantly have to edit a core plugin file.

You will need to FTP into your web hosting and browse to the file located in


Open the file "class-license-manager.php"

Around line 112 find

Change it to:


Option 2 -  Suitable for future upgrades

If you built your own theme or child theme then you can add this bit of code to your functions.php file

Option 3 - Simple Plugin *Best suited for upgrading

  1. create a directory (folder) and give it a name. i.e. "remove-yoast-nag" (do not add the beginning " and closing " !)
  2. in this directory create a file and give it a name. i.e "remove-yoast-nag"
  3. make sure the file end with .php i.e. "remove-yoast-nag.php"
  4. add the following content to your “remove-yoast-nag.php file
  1. save the file and its content
  2. zip the directory (folder)
  3. install it to WordPress like any other “regular” plugin
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. All done.

Or, to save yourself a bunch of time download our plugin Remove Yoast SEO Nag Plugin. Remember if you like the authors work please buy a license and support his or her work!